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Jura l’original is not just a brand whose aim is to introduce guests to the canton of Jura. It denotes an art of living; the Jura temperament – which is the strength and appeal of Switzerland’s newest canton.

To appreciate its true value, just come and visit us – you'd be very welcome!

Jura l’Original

Jura l’Original

The Jura l’original brand is managed by the Canton of Jura’s Information and Communications department. It is also used by the Economic Promotion, a cantonal service designed to support economic development and innovation, and by the regional products sector. Against this backdrop, Jura l’original is also a label for authenticating and promoting regional products, attesting to their provenance and local processing. Some 450 products currently display this label.
The Jura’s originality is showcased via the following media and platforms:

  • A cantonal network of ambassadors
  • On local products labelled by the ‘Jura l’original’ brand and on the Terroir Jura region website
  • Via Economic Promotion (website and LinkedIn page)
  • Attendance at events and demonstrations.

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Jura l’Original

Information and Communication Department
Republic and Canton of Jura

Rue de l'Hôpital 2
2800 Delémont Switzerland

phone +41 32 420 50 50


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