A terroir
like no other

Thanks to the special soil found between the plains and the mid-range mountains combined with the expertise of generations of farmers and craftsmen, the Jura is an authentic terroir. The region boasts a wealth of products crafted with care and passion, including Tête de Moine PDO, Damassine PDO and Saucisse d’Ajoie PGI, which have inspired top chefs to make them even better. They are marketed under the brand name Jura l’original.

Terroir goes far beyond mere produce, denoting the flavour a particular place gives it. Here, the terroir is synonymous with Switzerland’s only equine breed, the galloping Franches-Montagnes. It can be found on your wrist with the region’s stunning mechanical watches or indeed in your pocket with Swiss Army knives crafted using machine tools, themselves standard-bearers of industry and innovation.


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