Published on 16.02.2023

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Elisa Shua Dusapin
the literary ambassador

Published on 16.02.2023

In November 2021, the Porrentruy-born author has received a National Book Award, one of the highest honours in Anglo-Saxon literature, for the translation of her novel Winter in Sokcho. She has been one of Jura l’original’s ambassadors since 2016.

‘When you meet a Jurassian anywhere else on the planet, you immediately identify with them. There’s something that makes you Jurassian wherever you are on the planet,’ she says in our Le Jura et toi video series.

Her three novels are Hiver à Sokcho (2016, éditions Zoé), Les Billes du Pachinko (2018, éditions Zoé) and Vladivostok Circus (2020, éditions Zoé)

The talented Jurassian’s latest novel is expected to be released in 2023.


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