There are two types of education at upper secondary level: dual education and general education.

Dual education
In the canton of Jura, more than 1,200 companies of all sizes train apprentices. Full-time schools (business schools, technical institutions, health and social care institutions) also train young people as apprentices. On completion of the training, the Federal Certificate of Competence (CFC) obtained enables entry into the world of work.

It is also possible to undergo training for one more year and obtain a vocational baccalaureate, which entitles the holder to attend universities of applied sciences (HES) without an entrance exam.  The Lycée Cantonal (also known as the Gymnasium) and the École de Culture Générale are part of the Secondary II General Education Courses that prepare students for the Hautes Écoles (tertiary level).

Tertiary level
Tertiary education, which follows Secondary Level II, includes studies at higher education establishments (HES universities of applied sciences, HEP teacher training institutions, HEU universities and EPF federal institutes of technology) and higher vocational training establishments (ES higher education establishments, federal certificates and diplomas).

The canton of Jura offers the following tertiary education courses:

  • Technical colleges (EST) and business computing colleges (ESIG)
  • HEP teacher training institutions
  • Universities of applied sciences in health, management and engineering


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