Published on 21.04.2023

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The first female Jura Federal Councillor!

Published on 21.04.2023

Élisabeth Baume-Schneider was elected on 7 December 2022

Forty-three years after gaining sovereignty, the canton of Jura has its first representative on the Federal Council. And it had to be a woman for the canton which has made equality one of the essential principles of its Constitution.

Élisabeth Baume-Schneider’s election to the Swiss government on 7 December 2022 was a historic day for the people of the Jura. A week later, on 15 December 2022, the newly minted councillor was celebrated in style, with thousands cheering her on in Delémont, the capital of the Jura, and in her own municipality of Les Breuleux.

This election is an undeniable step towards raising the profile of the Jura among the cantons.


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