Published on 03.02.2023

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Mathys Douma
the maths whiz

Published on 03.02.2023

Beneath his trendy hairstyle, Mathys Douma is hiding a prodigious head for numbers! After winning the gold medal at the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad, he went on to win silver at the 2022 International Maths Olympiad in Oslo. And that’s not his only talent, as that same year he also took home a silver medal from the Swiss Philosophy Olympiad. Just like that! And something tells us he’s only getting started.

In spring 2023, at the finals of the 57th National Science and Youth Competition held at the University of St Gallen, the young maths whiz was awarded a distinction for his work entitled ‘Allusion aux Illusions, confusions à profusion!’, as well as the Special Prize at the NIFFF (Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival).


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